Poltekpar Bali’s Postgraduate and Research Centre Held Tourism Services Capacity Training
18 Nov 2020 | Komentar

             Another training was held by Poltekpar Bali’s Postgraduate and Research Centre as part of community service programmed by Poltekpar Bali. This tourism service capacity training took place in Kedonganan Village, Badung Regency. This training was provided for tourism business owners and the local community in Kedonganan Village area. Kedonganan Village was chosen objectively by Poltekpar Bali’s Postgraduate and Research Centre since the Village is surrounded by many developing tourism resources. Besides, the Badung regency remains the top tourist destination in Bali.

            This tourism services capacity training was held for 2 days, from 26th to 27th October 2020. The training’s speakers were invited from local tourism experts and lecturers of Poltekpar Bali’s Postgraduate by, among others, Mr. Nyoman Gde Dewa Rucika, Mr. I Ketut Kanten, and Mrs. IGA Dewi Hendriyani.

         On the first training day, Mr. Nyoman Gde Dewa Rucika came with training material “The Basics of Excellent Service, Personal Grooming, Communication Techniques and Interaction with Tourists”. This topic was considered as the most important to be tourist’s first impression when visiting a tourism destination. In the following session, Mrs. IGA Dewi Hendriyani brought training material “Implementation of Hygiene, Health, Safety and Work Environment (CHSE) Protocols”. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still being the main issue in Indonesia, the application of health protocols becomes mandatory in various aspects of life, including the tourism business.

         On the following day, the training participants trained by Mr. I Ketut Kanten with the training material “Planning Products, Promotional and Sales Techniques, HR Setup, and Online Business”. Mr. I Ketut Kanten trained the participants in starting and developing their business. The participants of this training were divided into several groups in the next session of this training in order to plan their business related to the tourism resources in Kedonganan Village. Overall, the participants felt satisfied with the training held; however, hoping for a longer duration of the training.

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