Foreign universities’ lecturers joined master’s degree teaching program.
4 Jan 2019 | Komentar

Foreign universities’ lecturers are incorporated in teaching class of master’s degree program in STP Nusa Dua Bali. It has been started by Professor Bob McKercher from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He shared his knowledge to the students in the theme of development of tourism in Hong Kong and what divides the types of tourist and tourism.

In the following month, Professor Tae-Yeong Choi and Professor Hoon-Ku Sul from Pukyong University led the class in a sharing and discussion session about the development of techology in affecting the employment and tourism in the world, especially in Korea. Professor Jol Stoffers from Netherland’s University joined the class in the following weeks to share his knowledge about human resource.

There will be more foreign universities’ lecturers joined the master’s degree teaching program, since STP Bali are willing to form agreement with various foreign universities in order to strengthen and increasing the standard of the program, yet to form student exchange program with the universities across the world.


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